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TED Talks

Updated: May 14

On Monday 5th February, 10 pupils in Year 13 presented TED talks to an audience of teachers and other pupils.  Topics ranged from ‘Ratios are essential to everyday life’ to ‘The selective breeding of pedigree dogs is unethical’, with tax avoidance schemes, nuclear energy, the Treaty of Versailles and a comparative analysis of the Industrial and Technological Revolutions included too.

The standard was very high with all pupils having thoroughly researched their topics.  All have received a certificate in recognition of their participation. Prizes were awarded as follows:

First Prize:          

Jamie Kerrigan (Should UK residents be able to benefit from offshore tax avoidance schemes)

Second Prize:

Sarah Fulton (Good art should always have a message)

Joint Third Prizes:

Leah Caskey (The Treaty of Versailles was the main cause of World War II)

Louis Donnelly (Nuclear energy should be banned)




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