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Family Break-up

Families come in all kinds of combinations but it can be a really upsetting, confusing and stressful time when relationships between family members break down. If there are disagreements or arguments, this can make home life really tough which can impact on how you feel, how you cope at school and even whether you want to hang out with friends.

Lots of young people worry about their parents/carers and siblings during a separation and also worry about family finances.

If you are struggling there are several things you can do:


  1. Check out the help pages for top tips on managing worrylow mood or others that may be relevant.

  2. It’s important to let your parents/carers, a teacher or a trusted adult know how you feel.

  3. Check out The Young Minds Website as they have further information, advice and guidance on how best to cope and manage. Click here.


 Guide called “How to cope when parents split up” available from NHS on the link below:

 If you are experiencing the impact of a family break up it may be helpful to discuss this with a specialist, your GP or perhaps our school counsellor.  Please speak to Mrs Allen, your Head of Year or your Form Tutor to make a referral to the Counsellor.

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