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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Pastoral Contacts

A Vice Principal is responsible for pastoral care; he works alongside a Head of Year and Form Tutors for each year group. There is continuity of care from Year 8 to Year 14. Form Tutors meet with Form Classes each morning to enable strong and positive relationships to form and develop; and to monitor the welfare of pupils in each Form group. 

A team of qualified First-Aiders work during School hours to provide medical care for all pupils, including those with specified and particular needs. In addition, a counsellor, from an external agency, provides further support for pupils through sessions organised on a weekly basis.

Individual education plans, drawn up, monitored and evaluated by the trained Special Educational Needs Co Coordinator, in consultation with parents and members of staff, support pupils with special educational needs.

Classroom assistants work alongside subject teachers to provide individual support to a number of pupils as appropriate.

Disabled pupils have access to the full curriculum.

Pastoral care, in Cookstown High School, is in sympathy with the school’s Christian ethos. 


Vice Principal:  Mrs C Allen

Head of Year:
Year 8            Dr H Kane
Year 9            Mrs J Freeburn
Year 10          Mrs H Blackwood
Year 11          Mrs C Porte
Year 12          Mr J Henderson

Year 13 & 14    Mrs L Johnston       


Mr N Graham,  Mrs C Allen (Vice Principal),  Mr I Matthews (Vice Principal),  
Mrs J Freeburn,  Ms G Evans (Principal),  Mrs C Porte