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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Australian Visitor

9th Oct 2019

Cookstown High School recently hosted a pupil all the way from Australia. Samara was visiting Cookstown on holiday and had previously enquired if it would be possible to attend her mum’s old school, where her cousins currently attend. Samara joined Year 11 and followed a typical timetable during her two week visit, she got involved in all class activities and even completed homework voluntarily!  During her time at CHS, Samara accepted the opportunity to speak to the Year 11 group in assembly, sharing details of her school life back in Perth and talking about her experiences at CHS. She also thanked Miss Evans and the vice-principals for accepting her request and allowing her the opportunity to find out what school life is like in Northern Ireland. I want to commend our pupils, particularly those in Year 11 for the kindness that they showed to Samara during her visit. It was lovely to see how well she fitted into our school and it was certainly a positive experience for all involved. I have no doubt that Samara has made long-lasting friendships thanks to this wonderful opportunity.  Mrs C Porte

Samara would like us to share the following:

I have always wanted to experience a school in Northern Ireland, and am very grateful that Cookstown High School allowed me to do so. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time in the school and can happily say that I was welcomed and looked after amazingly by the students. They exceeded my expectations and provided me with an experience I will never forget. From simply walking to class, to having lunch, to playing Hockey, I have loved every minute of my time here. Thank you to the students that looked out for me and befriended me.  Samara