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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

A level

Through studying GCE Religious Studies, students will have opportunities to:-

Ø     Develop knowledge and understanding of religion;

Ø     Discuss and evaluate religious beliefs, practices and values;

Ø     Develop an interest in and enthusiasm for Religious Studies;

Ø     Develop an understanding of spiritual, moral and cultural issues;

Ø     Adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion; and

Ø     Reflect on and develop their own values, opinions and attitudes

GCE Religious Studies is made up of two levels :  AS and A2

The AS can be taken as a ‘stand-alone’ qualification without progression to A2. However, to obtain the Advanced GCE, students MUST complete AS and A2 levels.

AS  UNITS – there are EIGHT  units and students study TWO.

·        AS1 – An Introduction  To The Gospel Of  Luke

·        AS2 – An Introduction To The Acts Of The Apostles

·        AS3 – An Introduction To Old Testament Covenant And Prophecy

·        AS4  - The Christian Church In The Roman Empire,  Beginnings, Expansion And External Pressure

·        AS5 – The Origins Of The Celtic Church In Ireland And The Beginnings Of  Its Missionary Outreach

·        AS6 – Religious Ethics: Foundations, Principles  And  Practice

·        AS7 – An Introduction To Philosophy  Of Religion

·        AS8 – An Introduction To The Study Of Islam

ASSESSMENT: Two 1 hour 20 minute externally assessed written papers

WEIGHTING:  Each paper is worth 50% of AS,   25% of A Level

A2 UNITS -  there are eight and students study two:-

·        A2 1  The Theology Of The Gospel Of Luke

·        A2 2  A Study Of Acts, Galatians  And 1 Corinthians

·        A2 3  The Covenant  Community:  Prophecy And  Renewal

·        A2 4 The Continued Development Of The Church In The Roman Empire To AD 325

·        A2 5  A Study Of The Development And Impact Of The Celtic Church In The 5TH, 6TH And 7TH Centuries

·        A2 6  Ethics And Society

·        A2 7  Religious Belief And Competing  Claims

·        A2 8  Islam : Law, Tradition And Practice

ASSESSMENT:   Two  2 hour externally assessed written papers

WEIGHTING:  Each paper worth 50% of A2, 25 % of A Level.