Access Keys:

Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Key Stage 3

Home Economics delivers vital skills that enable students to lead effective lives as individuals and family members, as well as members of the wider community. The Home Economics curriculum is central to helping young people develop the fundamental skills, knowledge, qualities and dispositions that are pre-requisites for life and work.

Healthy Eating - Exploring this area of study provides pupils with opportunities to develop understanding required in the choice, planning, storage, preparation, cooking and serving of food.

Home and Family Life - Investigating this key concept provides pupils with opportunities to understand the importance of the family as a caring unit.

Independent Living - Examining this theme provides pupils with opportunities to understand the importance of becoming discerning consumers and effective managers of resources.

Through following the Home Economics curriculum at Key Stage 3, pupils should be able to:

Ø  demonstrate skills in the safe, hygienic, healthy and creative use of food

Ø   research and manage information to investigate Home Economics issues, solve problems and make informed decisions

Ø   show deeper understanding about Home Economics, be more critical, think flexibly and make reasoned judgements

Ø   demonstrate creativity and initiative when developing their own ideas

Ø   communicate effectively in visual, oral, written, mathematical and ICT formats, showing clear awareness of audience and purpose

Ø  work effectively with others

Ø  demonstrate self-management by working systematically, persisting with tasks, evaluating and improving own performance.

Year 8

Unit 1: Safe food preparation and storage

Unit 2: Healthy eating

Unit 3: Food focus – sugar, milk and breakfasts

Unit 4: The family 

Year 9

Unit 1: Diet and health

Unit 2: Food focus – fruit and vegetables

Unit 3: The primary school child

Unit 4: Consumer choice


Year 10

Unit 1: The adolescent

Unit 2: Vegetarians

Unit 3: Money management

Unit 4: Consumer rights and responsibilities

In practical lessons throughout the year, pupils also learn to:

•         choose the most appropriate equipment for practical tasks

•         work as part of a group

•         prepare food in a safe, hygienic, healthy and creative way

•         manage their time effectively