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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Key Stage 3

At Key Stage Three all students study English and this involves reading, writing, talking and listening and drama.


The English Department seeks to provide an environment, which helps every pupil to develop their skills and reach her/his full potential by;

-  promoting competence in the three main components: Talking and Listening, Reading and Writing

-  developing the skills of independent thinking and learning

- making pupils aware of the power, complexity, versatility and sensitivity of the English language through their experiences of language in the classroom

- enabling them to contribute in a positive and mature manner to society

-  encouraging their personal growth by promoting a range of attitudes including empathy, sensitivity, co-operation and tolerance

-  fostering a sense of confidence and self-worth in the pupils through a climate of positive reinforcement and constructive criticism, ensuring that each pupil’s individual achievements are valued

- developing in pupils an awareness and recognition of the significance of our cultural heritage


Reading is central to the development of a student’s literacy skills and the department encourages both private reading and reading as part of a whole class. Each class is allocated a set class in our library and encouraged to complete their bronze, silver and gold reading certificates.

The department aims to promote pleasure in reading across all year groups. The department also recognises the need to engage pupil’s interest outside the traditional print forms, and encourage engagement with media and multimedia texts. 


Students should have a clear sense of purpose and audience in their writing and every effort will be made to give students the opportunity to enter competitions, which provide real audiences for their writing.  The process of drafting and redrafting is encouraged, and through this process pupils should be made aware that secretarial skills are part of the ability to communicate effectively.  ICT can play an important part of this redrafting process. 

KS3 Schemes of Work:

Year 8 Year 9 Year 10
Information Age   Genre/Form   Introduction to poetry Non- fiction text types   Non- fiction text types   Writer’s Craft Writing Reality   Magazines   Short stories

Each unit is linked to the NI Curriculum for English and Media Education. Alongside the teaching of these units, pupils also study a range of class novels and drama.