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Cookstown High School, Cookstown

Key Stage 3

Biology is taught as a separate science by specialised teachers.Over the three years the young people gain knowledge across various topics with an emphasis on enjoying their experience in the classroom. In year 8 learning is centred on using the microscope while in year 9 the topics are based on nutrition and diet.Year 10 concentrates on plant life and sets a foundation for GCSE. 

Year  8 

1 Microscopes

2 Cells

3 Variation

4 Classification


Year 9

1 Food and Diet

2 Enzyme activity - detergents

3 Digestion and Teeth

4 Animal Reproduction


Year 10

1 Photosynthesis

2 Cells

3 Food and diet

4 Breathing and Respiration

5 Blood and Donors

6 Heart Disease